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// Caret.h: interface for the CCaret class.
// Name:        caret.h
// Purpose:     Show a cursor on the black terminal screen
// Author:      PCMan (HZY)   http://pcman.ptt.cc/
// E-mail:      hzysoft@sina.com.tw
// Created:       2004.7.17
// Copyright:   (C) 2004 PCMan
// Licence:     GPL : http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
// Modified by:
//                Neversay(neversay.misher@gmail.com) Jan/18/2005

#if !defined(PCMANX_CARET_H)

#ifdef __GNUG__
  #pragma interface "caret.h"

#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <gdk/gdk.h>

#include "widget.h"
*      There are some problems with wxCaret, so I decide to implement caret myself.

class CCaret
      //Getter by neversay Jan/18/2005
      inline bool IsShow(){return m_IsShow;}
      inline bool IsVisible(){return m_IsVisible;}
      inline int GetPositionX(){return m_Pos.x;}
      inline int GetPositionY(){return m_Pos.y;}
      inline int GetWidth(){return m_Width;}
      inline int GetHeight(){return m_Height;}
      //Setter by neversay Jan/18/2005
      inline void SetShow(bool flag){m_IsShow = flag;}
      inline void SetVisible(bool flag){m_IsVisible = flag;}
      void Move( int x, int y );
      void SetSize( int Width, int Height );
      void Create(CWidget* pParent, GdkGC* gc)
            m_pParent = pParent->m_Widget;
            m_GC = gc;
      void Create(GtkWidget* pParent, GdkGC* gc)
            m_pParent = pParent;
            m_GC = gc;

      //Draw a the same shape caret with invsersed color at the same position.
      void DrawInverse();
      //Blink this caret      
      void Blink();
      //Hide this caret
      void Hide();
      //Unhide the caret.
      void Show(bool bImmediately = true);

      //Flag if the caret is show up.
      bool m_IsShow;
      //Flag if the caret is visible.
      bool m_IsVisible;
      //Flag of the position of caret on screen.
      GdkPoint m_Pos;
      //The width of caret
      int m_Width;
      //The height of caret
      int m_Height;
      //The parent widget compoment.
      GtkWidget* m_pParent;
      GdkGC* m_GC;

#endif // !defined(PCMANX_CARET_H)

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