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CListBox Class Reference

#include <listbox.h>

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 35 of file listbox.h.

Public Member Functions

void Append (string text)
 CListBox ()
int Count ()
void Delete (int idx)
void Delete (GtkTreeIter *iter)
void Destroy ()
int GetCurSel ()
string GetItemText (int idx)
GtkTreeModel * GetTreeModel ()
GtkTreeView * GetTreeView ()
bool HasCapture ()
void Hide ()
void Insert (int pos, string text)
bool IsVisible ()
void MoveDown (int idx)
void MoveUp (int idx)
virtual void OnCreate ()
virtual void OnDestroy ()
bool PostCreate ()
void Refresh ()
void ReleaseCapture ()
void SetCapture ()
void SetCurSel (int idx)
void SetFocus ()
void SetItemText (int idx, string text)
void Show ()

Public Attributes

GtkWidget * m_Widget

Protected Attributes

GtkListStore * m_Store

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