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// Config.h: interface for the CConfig class.
// Name:        config.h
// Purpose:     Application configuration class, deal with configuration automatically
// Author:      PCMan (HZY)   http://pcman.ptt.cc/
// E-mail:      hzysoft@sina.com.tw
// Created:     2004.7.22
// Copyright:   (C) 2004 PCMan
// Licence:     GPL : http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
// Modified by: 

#if !defined(AFX_CONFIG_H__72516076_9E02_4FED_AE77_4B1DD28B13A1__INCLUDED_)
#define AFX_CONFIG_H__72516076_9E02_4FED_AE77_4B1DD28B13A1__INCLUDED_

#ifdef __GNUG__
  #pragma interface "configfile.h"

//    Copyright (C) 2004 PCMan
//    Author: PCMan (HZY) 2004/07/22      07:51 AM
//    I finally came up with a really smart way to maintain ini file.
//    Every time I add a variable to CAppConfig, all I need to do is 
//    adding the variable in my "Config Table," and all the data will
//    be load and save automatically.  This is not the most efficient way. 
//    In my first version I use some more efficient method, but at last I change 
//    my code to what it is now.  Because I think in a program not time-critical,
//    easy-maintaining is much more important.

#include <string>

using namespace std;

struct CConfigEntry
      const char* m_Name;
      enum DataType { VT_END=0, VT_BOOL=1, VT_INT, VT_SHORT, VT_STR, VT_ESTR, VT_COLOR, VT_SECT } m_DataType;
      void* m_pData;

class CConfigFile
      // Get extra files the app needs.
      string GetDataPath( string FileName );
      string GetDataDirPath(){      return m_DataDirPath;   }

      string GetConfigDirPath(){    return m_ConfigDirPath; }

      // Get config files of the app.
      string GetConfigPath( string FileName );

      // get the main config file of the app.
      string GetConfigPath(){return GetConfigPath(m_AppName);}

      bool Save();
      bool Load();
      CConfigFile( string AppName, int LineBufSize = 4096);
      virtual bool DoDataExchange( bool bLoad );
      virtual ~CConfigFile();
      inline void SetRoot(CConfigEntry* pRootMap){    m_pCurSect = m_pRootMap = pRootMap; }
      bool DoSave();
      bool DoLoad();
//    static string GetExecPath(const char* exec_name);

      CConfigEntry* m_pCurSect;
      CConfigEntry* m_pRootMap;
      int m_LineBufSize;
      string m_ConfigDirPath;
      string m_DataDirPath;
      string m_AppName;


#define           BEGIN_CONFIG_SECT( mapname )        CConfigEntry mapname[] = {

            #define     _CFG_BOOL( name, variable)    { name, CConfigEntry::VT_BOOL, (void*)&variable},
            #define     CFG_BOOL( variable)           _CFG_BOOL( ""#variable"", variable)

            #define     _CFG_INT( name, variable)     { name, CConfigEntry::VT_INT, (void*)&variable},
            #define     CFG_INT( variable)            _CFG_INT( ""#variable"", variable)

            #define     _CFG_SHORT( name, variable)   { name, CConfigEntry::VT_SHORT, (void*)&variable},
            #define     CFG_SHORT( variable)    _CFG_SHORT( ""#variable"", variable)

            #define     _CFG_STR( name, variable)     { name, CConfigEntry::VT_STR,  (void*)&variable},
            #define     CFG_STR( variable)            _CFG_STR( ""#variable"", variable)

            #define     _CFG_ESTR( name, variable)    { name, CConfigEntry::VT_ESTR,  (void*)&variable},
            #define     CFG_ESTR( variable)           _CFG_ESTR( ""#variable"", variable)

            #define     _CFG_CLR( name, variable)     { name, CConfigEntry::VT_COLOR,  (void*)&variable},
            #define     CFG_CLR( variable)            _CFG_CLR( ""#variable"", variable)

            #define     CFG_SECT( variable)           { ""#variable"", CConfigEntry::VT_SECT, (void*)&variable},

#define           END_CONFIG_SECT()       {0, CConfigEntry::VT_END, 0} };
#define           END_CONFIG_FILE         END_CONFIG_SECT

#endif // !defined(AFX_CONFIG_H__72516076_9E02_4FED_AE77_4B1DD28B13A1__INCLUDED_)

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