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// Name:        telnetcon.h
// Purpose:     Class dealing with telnet connections, parsing telnet commands.
// Author:      PCMan (HZY)   http://pcman.ptt.cc/
// E-mail:      hzysoft@sina.com.tw
// Created:     2004.7.16
// Copyright:   (C) 2004 PCMan
// Licence:     GPL : http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
// Modified by:


#ifdef __GNUG__
  #pragma interface "telnetcon.h"

#include <gtk/gtk.h>

#include "termdata.h"
#include "site.h"

#if !defined(MOZ_PLUGIN)

#ifdef USE_NANCY
#include "nancy_bot/api.h"

#endif /* !defined(MOZ_PLUGIN) */

#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <list>

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>

using namespace std;

// Telnet commands
#define TC_SE                   (unsigned char)240
#define TC_NOP                  (unsigned char)241
#define TC_DATA_MARK            (unsigned char)242
#define TC_BREAK                (unsigned char)243
#define TC_INTERRUPT_PROCESS    (unsigned char)244
#define TC_ABORT_OUTPUT         (unsigned char)245
#define TC_ARE_YOU_THERE        (unsigned char)246
#define TC_ERASE_CHARACTER      (unsigned char)247
#define TC_ERASE_LINE           (unsigned char)248
#define TC_GO_AHEAD                 (unsigned char)249
#define TC_SB                   (unsigned char)250
// Option commands                             
#define TC_WILL                 (unsigned char)251
#define TC_WONT                 (unsigned char)252
#define TC_DO                   (unsigned char)253
#define TC_DONT                 (unsigned char)254
#define TC_IAC                  (unsigned char)255
// Telnet options)               
#define TO_ECHO                 (unsigned char)1
#define TO_SUPRESS_GO_AHEAD     (unsigned char)3
#define TO_TERMINAL_TYPE        (unsigned char)24
#define     TO_IS                   (unsigned char)0
#define     TO_SEND                 (unsigned char)1
#define TO_NAWS                 (unsigned char)31

 * A class for Telnet Connections, used to store screen buffer of 
 * every connections and their sockets, etc.

class CDNSRequest;
class CTelnetView;
class CTelnetCon : public CTermData
      virtual int Send( void* buf, int len );
      virtual void Bell();    // called from CTermData to process beep.
      void OnTimer();
      static gboolean OnSocket(GIOChannel *channel, GIOCondition type, CTelnetCon* _this);
      CTelnetView* GetView(){ return (CTelnetView*)m_pView; }

      // A flag used to indicate connecting state;

      void Disconnect();
      // class constructor
      CTelnetCon(CTermView* pView, CSite& SiteInfo);
      // class destructor
      // No description
      virtual bool Connect();
    void Reconnect();
      // Connecting duration
      unsigned int m_Duration;
      // Idle time, during which the user doesn't have any key input
      unsigned int m_IdleTime;

      CSite m_Site;
    static list<CDNSRequest*> m_DNSQueue;

      virtual void OnClose();
      void OnConnect(int code);
      bool OnRecv();

      // Parse received data, process telnet command, and ANSI escape sequence.
      void ParseReceivedData();

      // Parse telnet command.
      inline void ParseTelnetCommand();

      void SendRawString(const char* pdata, int len)  {     Send( (void*)pdata, len);     }
      void SendUnEscapedString(string str);
      void SendString(string str);
      bool IsValid(){   return m_SockFD >= 0;   }
      bool IsClosed(){  return (m_State & TS_CLOSED); }

      bool IsBellReceived(){  return (m_BellTimeout != 0);  }
    void Close();

      static void Cleanup();
    static bool OnBellTimeout( CTelnetCon* _this );
    void OnNewIncomingMessage(const char* line);

      static void SetSocketTimeout(int timeout){      m_SocketTimeout=timeout;      }
    bool DetectDBChar(){      return m_Site.m_DetectDBChar;   }
    void ConnectAsync();

    static void Init();
#if !defined(MOZ_PLUGIN)
#ifdef USE_NANCY
    void set__UseNancy( bool usenancy )
          use_nancy = usenancy;

    static void set__OpenConnectionWithNancySupport( bool nancy_support )
          with_nancy_support = nancy_support;

    bool get__UseNancy()
          return use_nancy;

    static bool get__OpenConnectionWithNancySupport()
          return with_nancy_support;
#endif /* !defined(MOZ_PLUGIN) */


#if !defined(MOZ_PLUGIN)
#ifdef USE_NANCY
      NancyBot *bot;
      static bool with_nancy_support;
      bool use_nancy;
#endif /* !defined(MOZ_PLUGIN) */

      GIOChannel* m_IOChannel;
      guint m_IOChannelID;

      // Buffer to receive socket incoming data
      unsigned char* m_pRecvBuf;
      unsigned char* m_pBuf;
      unsigned char* m_pLastByte;
      unsigned int m_AutoLoginStage;      // 0 means turn off auto-login.

      // Client socket
    int m_SockFD;
      int m_Pid;
      guint m_BellTimeout;
      bool m_IsLastLineModified;
    static GThread* m_DNSThread;
    string m_PreLoginPrompt;
    string m_LoginPrompt;
    string m_PasswdPrompt;
    static int m_SocketTimeout;
    in_addr m_InAddr;
      unsigned short m_Port;
      void PreConnect(string& address, unsigned short& port);
    void CheckAutoLogin(int row);
    void SendStringAsync(string str);
    static void DoDNSLookup( CDNSRequest* data );
    void OnLineModified(int row);
    static gboolean OnDNSLookupEnd(CTelnetCon* _this);
    static gboolean OnConnectCB(GIOChannel *channel, GIOCondition type, CTelnetCon* _this);
    static void ProcessDNSQueue(gpointer unused);
    static GMutex* m_DNSMutex;
    static bool OnProcessDNSQueueExit(gpointer unused);

class CDNSRequest
      CDNSRequest(CTelnetCon* con, string address, int port) 
            : m_pCon(con), m_Address(address), m_Running(false)
      CTelnetCon* m_pCon;
      string m_Address;
      bool m_Running;

#endif // TELNETCON_H

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