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// Name:        termdata.h
// Purpose:     Store terminal screen data and parse ANSI escape sequence
// Author:      PCMan (HZY)   http://pcman.ptt.cc/
// E-mail:      hzysoft@sina.com.tw
// Created:     2004.7.16
// Copyright:   (C) 2004 PCMan
// Licence:     GPL : http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
// Modified by:
//          Neversay 2005.1.8 (neversay.misher@gmail.com)

#ifndef TERMDATA_H
#define TERMDATA_H

#ifdef __GNUG__
  #pragma interface "termdata.h"

#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <gdk/gdk.h>
#include "termsel.h"

#include <string>

using namespace std;


// Flags used by CTermCharAttr::SetTextAttr() & CTermData::SetTextAttr().
#define           STA_FG                  1
#define           STA_BG                  2
#define     STA_BRIGHT        4
#define     STA_BLINK         8
#define           STA_UNDERLINE     16
#define           STA_INVERSE       32
#define           STA_INVISIBLE     64
#define           STA_ALL                 255

// Character attributes for text displayed in CTermView.
class CTermCharAttr
      static GdkColor m_DefaultColorTable[SIZE_OF_COLOR_TABLE];

      enum charset {CS_ASCII=0, CS_MBCS1=1, CS_MBCS2=2};    // MBCS : multi-byte character set

      // Important note:
      // I'm not sure whether view this class as 'short' is allowed or not.
      // Maybe there'll be some bugs due to the difference in byte order between systems.
      // So, I didn't use type casts frequently to speed up some simple tasks.


      //Public getter:Neversay 15/Jan/2005
      inline static GdkColor* GetDefaultColorTable(int index){
            if(index >= 0 && index < SIZE_OF_COLOR_TABLE) 
                  return &m_DefaultColorTable[index];
            return NULL;
      inline static GdkColor* GetDefaultColorTable(){return m_DefaultColorTable;}
      inline short GetForeground(){ return (short)m_Fg;}
      inline short GetBackground(){return (short)m_Bg;}
      inline bool IsBright(){return (m_Bright==1?true:false);}
      inline bool IsBlink(){return (m_Blink==1?true:false);}
      inline bool IsUnderLine(){return (m_UnderLine==1?true:false);}
      inline bool IsInverse(){return (m_Inverse==1?true:false);}
      inline bool IsInvisible(){return (m_Invisible==1?true:false);}
      inline bool IsHyperLink(){return (m_HyperLink==1?true:false);}
      inline bool IsNeedUpdate(){return (m_NeedUpdate==1?true:false);}
      inline short GetCharSet(){return (short)m_CharSet;}
      //Public setter:Neversay 15/Jan/2005
      inline static bool SetDefaultColorTable(int index, GdkColor* newColor){
            if(index >= 0 && index < SIZE_OF_COLOR_TABLE){
                  m_DefaultColorTable[index] = *newColor;
                  return true;
            }return false;
      inline bool SetForeground(int foreground){ 
            if((foreground >=0) && (foreground < 1<<BIT_NUMBER_OF_COLOR)){
                  m_Fg = foreground;
                  return true;
            return false;
      inline bool SetBackground(int background){ 
            if((background >=0) && (background < 1<<BIT_NUMBER_OF_COLOR)){
                  m_Bg = background;
                  return true;
            return false;
      inline bool SetBright(bool flag){m_Bright = flag?1:0;return flag;}
      inline bool SetBlink(bool flag){m_Blink = flag?1:0;return flag;}
      inline bool SetUnderLine(bool flag){m_UnderLine = flag?1:0;return flag;}
      inline bool SetInverse(bool flag){m_Inverse = flag?1:0;return flag;}
      inline bool SetInvisible(bool flag){m_Invisible = flag?1:0;return flag;}
      inline bool SetHyperLink(bool flag){m_HyperLink = flag?1:0;return flag;}
      inline bool SetNeedUpdate(bool flag){m_NeedUpdate = flag?1:0;return flag;}
      inline bool SetCharSet(enum charset charset){
            if(charset >= 0){
                  m_CharSet = charset;
                  return true;
            }return false;

      //Transform the CTermCharAttr into short value.
      inline short AsShort(){ return *(short*)this;   }

      //Get default setting of CTermCharAttr.
      static short GetDefVal();
      //Set this to default value.
      void SetToDefault();

      //Get the color of foreground attribute.
      inline GdkColor* GetFgColor(GdkColor* pColorTable ){
            return &pColorTable[ m_Bright ? (( m_Inverse ? m_Bg : m_Fg )+8):( m_Inverse ? m_Bg : m_Fg ) ];
      //Get the color of background attribute.
      inline GdkColor* GetBgColor(GdkColor* pColorTable ){
            return &pColorTable[( m_Inverse ? m_Fg : m_Bg )];

      bool IsSameAttr(short val2);

      // Overloaded operator ==
      bool operator==(CTermCharAttr& attr);

      //Set CtermCharAttr by input attr and flags.
      void SetTextAttr( CTermCharAttr attr, int flags );


      //------------bit fields----------
      unsigned char m_Fg:BIT_NUMBER_OF_COLOR;         //The value of foreground,0~7
      unsigned char m_Bg:BIT_NUMBER_OF_COLOR;         //The value of background,0~7
      unsigned char m_Bright:BIT_NUMBER_OF_BOOL;            //The flag of light color
      unsigned char m_Blink:BIT_NUMBER_OF_BOOL;       //The flag of blink text.
      //------------ 1 byte ------------
      unsigned char m_UnderLine:BIT_NUMBER_OF_BOOL;   //The flag of text underline, usually indicated hyperlink.
      unsigned char m_Inverse:BIT_NUMBER_OF_BOOL;     //Flag for exchanging color of background and foreground.
      unsigned char m_Invisible:BIT_NUMBER_OF_BOOL;   // May be removed in the future
      unsigned char m_HyperLink:BIT_NUMBER_OF_BOOL;   // For hyperlink detection
      unsigned char m_NeedUpdate:BIT_NUMBER_OF_BOOL;  // a flag indicate the need for re-drawing
      unsigned char m_CharSet:BIT_NUMBER_OF_CHARSET;  // character set, = CS_ASCII, CS_MBCS1, or CS_MBCS2
      //-------------- 7 bits ----------

 * Used with CTermView to hold screen buffer, caret position, etc.
class CTermView;
class CTermData
      //Detect if the specified line is empty.
      bool IsLineEmpty( int iLine );
      // Set attributes of all text in specified range.
      void SetTextAttr( CTermCharAttr attr, int flags, GdkPoint start, GdkPoint end, bool block );
      // Insert n space characters at specified position (line, col).
      void InsertChar( int line, int col, int n );
      // Delete n characters at specified position (line, col).
      void DeleteChar( int line, int col , int n = 1 );
      int HyperLinkHitTest( const char* line, int col, int* len = NULL );

      unsigned char GetCharClass( int line, int col );

      string GetSelectedText( bool trim = true );
      string GetSelectedTextWithColor( bool trim = true );

      string GetText( CTermSelection* sel, bool trim, bool color );

      // Get text attributes of the line.
      inline CTermCharAttr* GetLineAttr( const char* pLine, const int ColsPerPage )
            return ( CTermCharAttr* ) ( pLine + ColsPerPage + 1 );
      inline CTermCharAttr* GetLineAttr( const char* pLine )
            return ( CTermCharAttr* ) ( pLine + m_ColsPerPage + 1 );

      //Get all text from (0,0) to (maxX, maxY), if trim is true, it return text
      //without tail black spaces.
      inline string GetAllText( bool trim = true )
            CTermSelection sel( this );
            return GetText( &sel, trim, false );
      //The same as GetAllText but get color too.
      inline string GetAllTextWithColor( bool trim = true )
            CTermSelection sel( this );
            return GetText( &sel, trim, true );

      void GetLine( int x1, int x2, int y, void* data );
      string GetLineWithColor( char* pLine, int start, int end );
      void DetectCharSets();
      void DetectHyperLinks();
      void UpdateDisplay();
      void DoUpdateDisplay();
      static void memset16( void* dest, short val, size_t n );
      inline void ParseAnsiColor( const char* pParam );
      inline void EraseLine( int p );
      void ClearScreen( int p );
      inline void GoToXY( int x, int y );
      inline void ScrollUp( int n = 1 );
      inline void ScrollDown( int n = 1 );
      void InsertNewLine( int y, int count = 1 );
      inline void SetLineUpdate( char* pLine, short start, short end )
            CTermCharAttr * pAttr = GetLineAttr( pLine );
            for ( ; start < end; start++ )
                  pAttr[ start ].SetNeedUpdate( true );

      // Set update region of lines.  Whole line will be marked as invalid.
      inline void SetWholeLineUpdate( char* pLine )
            SetLineUpdate( pLine, 0, m_ColsPerPage );

      // Put characters on the terminal screen.
      void PutChar( unsigned char ch );
      inline void Tab();
      inline void CarriageReturn();

      //Call virtual function in dirived class to determine
      //whether to beep or show a visual indication instead.
      virtual void Bell();

      void Back();
      void LineFeed();
      // Parse ANSI escape sequence
      inline void ParseAnsiEscapeSequence( const char* CmdLine, char type );
      // class constructor
      CTermData( CTermView* pView );
      // class destructor
      virtual ~CTermData();

      // Set sizes of screen buffer, reallocate buffer automatically when needed.
      void SetScreenSize( int RowCount, unsigned short RowsPerPage, unsigned short ColsPerPage );
      // Change row count of screen buffer
      void SetRowCount( int RowCount );

      // Initialize new lines
      void InitNewLine( char* NewLine, const int ColsPerPage );

      // Allocate new lines
      inline char* AllocNewLine( const int ColsPerPage )
            // struct{ char[ColsPerPage], char='\0', CTermCharAttr[ColsPerPage]}
            // Neversay:The structure is show below:
            // [ ColsPerPage*char + '\0' + ColsPerPage*CTermCharAttr ]
            // so size is: ColsPerPage*1 + 1 + ColsPerPage*sizeof(CTermCharAttr)
            char * NewLine = new char[ 1 + ColsPerPage * ( 1 + sizeof( short ) ) ];

            InitNewLine( NewLine, ColsPerPage );
            return NewLine;

      // Allocate screen buffer.
      void AllocScreenBuf( int RowCount, unsigned short RowsPerPage, unsigned short ColsPerPage );
      virtual void OnLineModified( int row );

      //Data Field Section

      int m_FirstLine;
      CTermCharAttr m_CurAttr;
      CTermCharAttr m_SavedAttr;
      unsigned short m_ScrollRegionBottom;
      unsigned short m_ScrollRegionTop;

      // Pointor to CTermView window, which is responsible for display.
      CTermView* m_pView;
      // selection management
      CTermSelection* m_Sel;
      // Caret Position
      GdkPoint m_CaretPos;
      GdkPoint m_OldCaretPos;

      // command line buffer, used to store telnet commands and ANSI escape sequence
      unsigned char m_CmdLine[ 33 ];
      unsigned char* m_pCmdLine;

      // Point to screen buffer of terminal
      char** m_Screen;
      // m_Screen = new (char*)[m_RowCount];
      // The total number of rows in buffer.
      int m_RowCount;
      // Rows per page
      unsigned short m_RowsPerPage;
      // Cols per page
      unsigned short m_ColsPerPage;

      // Encoding
      string m_Encoding;

      bool m_WaitUpdateDisplay;
      bool m_NeedDelayedUpdate;
      guint m_DelayedUpdateTimeout;

inline bool operator == (GdkPoint& pt1, GdkPoint& pt2)
{     return (pt1.x == pt2.x && pt1.y == pt2.y);      }

inline bool operator != (GdkPoint& pt1, GdkPoint& pt2)
{     return !(pt1==pt2);     }

#endif // TERMDATA_H

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